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A trade show or event is part of an overall communication plan with a "before" that builds anticipation within communities, a "during," and an "after" that amplifies the content gathered during the main event and leverages the connections made.

Attending an event or trade show has a cost: financial, in terms of time spent, and in CO2 emissions. Therefore, it's more important than ever to provide real added value to visitors and exhibitors/partners by guaranteeing them a return on investment and offering an experience they couldn't get elsewhere.

Our experience as a communication group, combined with our expertise in organizing and producing events and rigorous budget management, makes us your go-to partner.

Whether in co-production or as a service provider, Hopscotch Congrès will ensure your key event is a success.



Client: MEDEF - Mouvement des entreprises de France

Realization: The Meeting of French Entrepreneurs LA REF - Partnerships, booth sales and management of registrations - in coordination with HOPSCOTCH Event in charge of the organization.

2022 results: 

- 9,800 visitors

- 79 partners present in the exhibitors' village

- Business meeting with more than 1500 companies represented

- 38 hours of live broadcast on the "LaREF TV" platform and the 2 stages

- 17 media partners

Global coordination

Strategic recommendations, advice and optimizations

Overall retroplanning

Organizational meetings

KPI tracking

On-site coordination


Post-event review


Commercial strategy

Development of booth offers and additional visibility


Appointment scheduling module

Administrative and financial follow-up

Reminder of regulations

Payment follow-ups

On-site coordination


Visitor registration platform


Visitors relation & hotline

Accommodation offers

Crowd management

On site badge & reception equipment

Reception & security staff

Logistics and technical management

Venue visits

Vendor coordination

Technical and audio-visual direction


Interviews/promotional video

Team & on-site personnel coordination

General Commissariat

Performance review

Budget management

Business model

Budget tracking

Comprehensive accounting

Receipt tracking

Payment reminders

Supplier payments

Accounting closure

Financial statement

Exhibition management

Prefectural declaration

Security officer

Exhibition Layout

Booth setup and equipment

Delivery and storage management

Exhibitor services

On-site dedicated desk


Marketing & promotion strategy

Content editing

Event website creation


Social media management

Press relations

Partner TV platform

Liaison with stakeholders

Smartphone Event app



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