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Commitment and CSR Hopscotch Group

For more than 10 years, we have been engaged in a collective transformation process with all of our stakeholders: our employees, our sector, our suppliers and our customers.

We are the first agency to have integrated sustainable development into the Group's strategy and to have been certified according to the international standard ISO 20121.

Today we are Ecovadis Platinum certified: the highest distinction rewarding the Top 1% of companies with the best performance in CSR (environmental, social, ethics and responsible purchasing management) among all the companies evaluated.

Our objective ?

Deploy our communication expertise by integrating social, societal and environmental issues in order to contribute to more sustainable overall growth.

Some commitments

With our collaborators:

  • Development path for employees (manager, awareness of non-compliant behavior, climate workshops, business expertise, etc.)

  • Transversality of expertise with sharing rituals

  • Remote working, particularly from our international agencies

  • Professional and international mobility

  • Support for people with disabilities and caregivers

With the sector:

  • Co-founder of the eco-event collective

  • Contribution to the development of the ISO 20121 standard

  • Contribution to the adaptation of the active agency e-label to the professions of - Public Relations

With suppliers:

  • Co-construction of frugal and responsible offers

  • Support for the development of CSR policy

  • Raising awareness and connecting with local associations

creative work

ISO 20121 certification

Since the beginning of 2023, the Hopscotch Congrès teams have been engaged in the implementation of the ISO 20121 standard, with a certification objective for the beginning of 2024. 

The ISO 20121:2012 standard applies to responsible management systems applied to event activity.

This ongoing work, and a constructive dialogue with all of our stakeholders, has allowed us to define 12 major challenges in carrying out our businesses.

Our challenges

Environmental challenges

- Eco-design

- Waste reduction

- Combat climate change

Social challenges

- Ensure skill development of target audiences

- Promote accessibility for people with disabilities (PWD)

- Ensure staff and participant safety

- Ensure cybersecurity

Economic challenges

- Share the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach with our clients

- Ensure economic performance

- Actthrough innovation

- Contribute to the local economy

- Choose committed venues

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