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The ability to invent and produce event communication devices has always been present in Hopscotch’s DNA. Innovative economic models, differentiated formats, Hopscotch Congrès makes the difference through its ability to seize a challenge and respond to it in an entrepreneurial and distinctive way.


Bringing together actors of different natures and sizes: public partners, large groups, ETIs, SMEs, start-ups but also the academic or political world, Hopscotch Congress sets in motion the actors of the eco-system, creates content and amplifies before, during and after the event.


In co-construction with the referent institution (association, federation, sector, etc.) or alone, Hopcotch Congrès offers tailor-made economic models, seeks financing, defines the concept and ensures the production and logistics of the event.


Each event is unique and never fits into a fixed format. For example, the European Cyber Week organized by Hopscotch in partnership with the cyber center of excellence has experienced exponential growth for several years (+ 4,000 participants, + 100 partners).


The 2022 Paris Motor Show, reinvented by Hopscotch from 2020, brought together more than 400,000 visitors in October 2022 at the Porte de Versailles by offering a distinctive visitor experience, particularly via thematic zones such as the Entertainment, the Electric Box or even professional mobility.



Producer since the 2022 edition



- 400,000 visitors

- 7 days

- more than 3000 accredited journalists

- more than 100 exhibitors and a more than profitable event with guaranteed satisfaction

- 27M impressions & Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube views

- 5.7M coverage on Facebook & Instagram

- 17.7K new Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube



Co-production with the Pôle d'excellence cyber since 2018

Realization: EUROPEAN CYBER WEEK - European reference event in cybersecurity and cyberdefense


- 4,800 participants

(+20% in 2022 and +400% since 2018)

- 105 partners and exhibitors

(+25% in 2022)

- 20 events over 3 days

- 26 countries represented

Design & Planning

Global rétroplanning

Committee meetings (agenda, facilitation, minutes)

Strategic recommendations, advice and optimizations

KPI tracking

On-site coordination


Post-event report

Participant management

Registration management

Online registration forms

Order forms and invoicing

Participants hotline

Visa invitation letters

Training agreements

On-site welcome desk & badge printing

Welcome & security staff coordination

Communication & Press relations

Publications: graphic charter, content, program, badges...

Marketing promotion plan

Event website creation

Social media management

Email campaigns

Smartphone app

Press relations

Stakeholders outreach

Logistics management

Technical service coordination

Hybrid event

Video capture/streaming

Interactive platform and event apps

Video replays

Remote interventions

Webinars / e-conferences




Sponsor / exhibitor search

Budget tracking

Global accounting

Payment monitoring


Supplier payments

Accounting closure

Financial report

Event marketing pitch

Business model creation

Commercial strategy

Sponsorship package design

Partner meeting facilitation

On-site partner & exhibitor coordination

Post-event report


Program management

Call for abstracts

Speaker relations

Guest accomodation

Transport ticketing

Technical management on site

Dedicated welcome desk on-site

Expense reimbursement

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