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Because an Association is primarily a community, we prioritize Members, not just during the Membership Fee call. We implement a "Keep Contact" policy to promote knowledge-sharing and community bonding.

Because an Association involves significant administrative paperwork, we handle this aspect so the Board can focus on professional or scientific matters: preparing board and general meetings, statute submission and modification, DPC documentation...

Because an Association often extends beyond an annual event, we provide strategic and communication adivce for professional or public outreach to expand visibility. We ensure solid and transparent accounting management and we support you in your financing strategy (fundraising).

This comprehensive approach ensures you can focus on what truly matters while we take care of the complexities.



Client: French Neuro-Vascular Society (SFNV)

Production: PR campaign with 4 infographics linked to the common thread of communication: “we are all affected by stroke!” »

stroke infographics


- 57 press coverages

- Front page of Figaro Santé

- TV and radio coverage

- The SFNV becomes the reference in the eyes of journalists

coverage of Figaro santé on stroke care

Administrative and financial management

Association formation & legal compliance

Statute submission & modifications

Official journal Publications

Bank account management

Budget and accounting monitoring

VAT declaration

Financial reports

Member management

Membership fee handling

Online payment options

Member Directory

Member Services

Scientific content for professional development

Job postings

Internal communications

Association management

AG, CA, Bureau meeting invitations

Agenda preparation and presentation support

Meeting attendance

Minutes & meeting reports

Miscellaneous correspondence


Association visibility

Influence strategy


Website management


Social media management

Press relations

International outreach

Mobile app management


Partnership hunting

Scholarships & grants


Institutional representation

Project and event management

Events & webinars

Training programs

Observatories / Registers

International candidacy support

Annual or international congress organization

Pictogram of an assembly


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